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Join This Exciting Hybrid Career Exploration TV Show!

This special event is being held in person in the City of Charlotte, and will also be streamed LIVE to a Zoom Classroom!

If you wish to join us in person visit  this activity registration page at Mecklenburg County Parks and Rec's website or visit the venue and sign up at the front desk.


If you wish to join us in our virtual studio, register for our Zoom Event with the link below!


Connecting Creatives & Businesses

Creating Community        Connecting Creatives

Scion Media is a registered "501(c)3 Charitable Organization" (application pending - NTEE code A99 Arts, Culture & Humanities NEC) founded originally on November 8th, 2023 by Sam & Esther Ettaro and registered in the state of North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, City of Charlotte.  The stated purpose of this organization is "charitable and educational" with our general mission stated as follows:

"We provide digital media production support and training to nonprofits, and vocational training to people interested in digital media careers. We create workforce development opportunities by pairing our nonprofit partners with our students."



Our Learning Models

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Career Exploration

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Project-Based Learning

Meet Our Founders

Sam A. Ettaro
Founder & Executive Director/CEO

Esther Dorce-Ettaro
Partner Relations



Over the phone or online, Scion Media is here for you...


What's Your Talent?

Music Producers

If you're talented and looking for a career  in digital media, we want to hear more about your goals and how you believe we can help!  Contact us here...

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What's The Gig?

Filming a Presentation

If you're looking for talent, please tell us about your goals and the unique opportunities you offer at your organization.  Contact us here...

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