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Become a Nonprofit Organization Partner

Work with us to craft a digital media plan, find, and train the help you need.

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The purpose of Scion Media Nonprofit Host Partner Services is to identify nonprofits who are struggling with implementation of digital media technology and help them.  Whether your organization wants to use digital media for education, marketing, or something else, we can help you craft a rollout strategy and connect you with budding digital media specialist to help you realize your goals.  We are seeking relationships with organizations that reciprocal in nature which will:
  • Provide our partner orgs with quality digital media services
  • Provide budding digital creators with real-world training & educational opportunities
  • Provide Scion Media with expanded outreach and funding opportunities
When you submit your initial ASSESSMENT, our Scion Media team will review it and will consider moving forward with a partnership based on our policy guidelines.

We consider the following when establishing partnerships:

  • Compatible Vision & Mission:  Establish relationships with partners that align with Scion Media's mission, values, and strategic objectives

  • Mutual Benefit: Seek partnerships that offer mutual benefits, including shared resources, expertise, and access to networks and funding

  • Formal Agreements: Enter into relationships with partners that are willing to establish formal agreements with that clarify expectations, roles, and responsibilities for all involved

We look forward to receiving your application and, if selected, we will set up a discovery session with you to explore ways we can work together!

Join Our Current Mission Partners, Get Support, and Provide Opportunity!


Not sure about how to implement digital media production into your nonprofit's business?  
We understand and we're here to help!  Scion Media will provide a complimentary and confidential assessment for you to help you determine ways you may be able to utilize digital media to advance your organization's mission.  Then we will help connect you with budding media creators to help you meet your goals.

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We can't wait to help you get started!

Still need more information?
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