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What is a "Scion" and how does it apply to our programs and mission?


sci·on /ˈsīən/noun

  1. a young shoot or twig of a plant, especially one cut for grafting or rooting.

  2. a descendant of a notable family.


The vinedresser prepares a young stem or bud from one vine, and carefully inserts and binds it into the root stock of another vine.  As the two merge, the resulting growth can spawn new fruit.  The "Scion" helps to dictate the quality of the resulting fruits and/or flowers, and resistance to disease.  


It is our belief that all of us have been gifted by our Creator, and it is our duty to help people identify, and grow those gifts.  We do this by "Grafting" them into opportunities within their community that will foster their talents, and together with our partners, they will produce unique, valuable fruit.





Our Mission

We're on a mission to explore new ways to approach teaching digital media as as a career, while helping our students understand how to better navigate the world of relationships. We then connect them with members of the nonprofit community that can help guide, mentor, and offer opportunities for career advancement.

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Casual Work Meeting

Our Vision

Our model is based on helping job-seekers craft a career in the digital media arts, while serving organizations which will lead to employment opportunities. It is our plan to see our projects and classes grow beyond our home-base of Charlotte, NC, thereby expanding opportunities for our students and partners into the global business arena.

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